Case study ConCor A/S

ConCor is an IT consultancy company who gets requests from companies for ressources/people/experts/consultants for a certain period of time.

With cBase ConCor is able to manage the complete workflow from the client request, to the search proces, to the final contract.

Furthermore ConCor uses the built-in CRM to manage companies, contacts, activities and sales opportunities.

ConCor is thereby able to manage all business processes in the company with one single cloud based solution.


Client request: The client sends a request for a resource to ConCor. This could be a consultant or a request for a recruitment task for permanent staff.

Create & Publish request: ConCor creates the request in cBase and can choose to publish the request to ConCor's own website for people to browse and apply to. See examples here.

Search for candidates: ConCor can search the entire database using free text search, tags or other parameters. The advantage is that it is possible to search within all Word and PDF files and on tags with a very fast response which makes the search extremely convincing and makes you find more relevant candidates than what is possible when only searching on tags.

Contact relevant candidates: Based on the search result, ConCor can send out the request to all candidates. In the email the candidates receive, there is an "Interested" button, which automatically relates the candidate to the request. This way ConCor quickly knows what relevant candidates, that are interested in the request.

Contract overview: ConCor gets an overview of all active (and expired) contracts. Furthermore it is possible for ConCor administration to see each month who has been invoiced and who is still waiting to be invoiced, so no one is missed.

CRM: With cBase ConCor also gets a complete CRM with companies, contacts, sales opportunities, events, activies etc. And all these objects are connected so you can always follow who went to what activies, who are relevant on what requests etc.

Statistics: ConCor gets an overview of active candidates, requests won/lost, active contracts etc.

In other words cBase is the underlying solution for all business processes in ConCor and supports sales, search and administration.

cBase - a solution from ConCor A/S

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